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11/10/2016 6:52 am  #1


Welcome to ManhuntersRoom this is where you can talk about stuff like killing techniques,weapons ect basically this is a forum for militaristic shit mainly about killing in ways and fighting its hard to explain but you probably get it if this is not a forum for you I suggest you leave 
Be nice to others unless they're being a cunt 
Keep it legal so no weapon deals that are illegal ect go to the deep web for that stuff
That's all I can think of right now you can be who you are here so if you're a hitman,mob boss what ever I don't give 2 long as your not a dick I know its weird I don't condone murder I believe in doing bad things to bad people feel free to message me if you have any questions remember I'm not a god on this stuff I know stuff you're here to teach and learn and yes this may be a shit board its just something I made in school (yes I'm a teenager) thanks hope you enjoy it here 
I know it sounds funny but please do not use this for bad intent any terrorists on here will be banned and fucked over and same goes for triggered SJW fags you can stay on here if you're apart of a group like the KKK or a national socialist ect as long as you don't kill niggers with it and no I'm not a (well a little bit) racist I just have a horrible sense of humor 

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